Santa Barbara outdoor patio lunch menu

Santa Barbara outdoor patio lunch menu

‬Trade Winds

  • FRIED OKRA with balsamic guava reduction (v) 8
  • ARTICHOKE TOAST with tomato, basil and goat cheese (v) 12
  • PLANTAIN TEMPEH WRAP with fermented soybeans and avocado (v) 12
  • FRIED PLANTAINS with guava balsamic sauce (v) 8

South Swell

  • PUMPKIN SOUP with coconut (v) 7
  • ARUGULA SALAD with Jamaica spicy roast beef 15
  • BEET SALAD with candied walnuts, bee pollen and citrus dressing (v) 13
  • CAPRESE SALAD with tomato mozzarella tart and organic greens 14
  • GREEK SALAD with feta, onion and tomato 10

Island Style

  • JERK CHICKEN with rice and grilled seasonal vegetables 14
  • SLOW COOKED PORK ROAST with plantains and organic greens 15
  • TURKEY SANDWICH with onions, tomato, pickles, jerk aioli and organic salad 12
  • CUBANO SANDWICH with roasted pork marinated in citrus, garlic and oregano 13
  • GUMBO CHICKEN with chicken sausage and shrimp 18


  • CATFISH SANDWICH with mustard and organic greens on ciabatta bread 15
  • PEPPER POT with octopus, scallops, shrimp and blue crab 18


  • PECAN TART with sweet potato (v) 7
  • HAROLD'S FLAMBEE PLANTAIN with vanilla ice cream and rum 7