Santa Barbara outdoor patio Dinner Menu

Santa Barbara outdoor patio Dinner Menu


Four Fingers $11

marinated chicken wings, gochujang sauce

Roasted cauliflower $9

oven roasted, curry

Fried Plantains $8

guava balsamic reduction

Cheese Plate $11

chef’s selection, dried fruits, toasted bread



Roasted Beet Salad $13

candied walnut, bee pollen, citrus dressing

Ducks Prosciutto Salad $14

figs, apples, nuts, citrus dressing

Caesar Salad $11

lime, jicama croutons

Greek Salad $11

olives, feta cheese, tomatoes

Belgian Endive $12

black mission figs, blue cheese, meyer lemon, candied walnuts




Shrimps and Grits $16

aged cheddar cheese

Barbados Ribs $22

molasses marinated, rum, rice

Ethiopian Chicken Stew $15

doro wat, onion, ginger, spice blend, rice

Crab and Shrimp Gumbo $23

sausage, chicken, rice

Caribbean Bowl $30

octopus, shrimp, blue crab, avocado

Coconut Catfish $17

coconut grits, greens

Kids Pasta Bolognaise $99




Plantain Tempeh Wrap $15

Plantain, fermented soybeans, organic avocado

Rastafarian Eggplant Tower $16

plantain, lentils, roasted zuchini




Pecan Tart $9

Pecan tart with sweet potato

Harold’s Flambée Plantain $9

Plantain, vanilla ice cream, rum

Cookies and Ice Cream $8